Binance’s KYC Hacker — AMA @ The Topic Room


Special AMA with the person behind the white hacking of Binance and tracing the Binance BTC. Know more about the story behind the “hack” and the man pushing accountability forward.

A hacker under the pseudonym of “Bnatov Platon”allegedly hacked individuals behind a different hack which stole 7,000 bitcoin from Binance, the world’s largest exchange.

Platon claims that his intentions of were altruistic and wanted to expose the identities of the previous hackers. In exchange, he would no release the KYC of the customers of Binance for money.

Binance and Platon had multiple talks and made a deal but was cancelled at the last minute.


My brief answers are on my twitter.

Q: As it is said “DATA IS THE NEW OIL” what could be safest way to protect our identity over the Internet? What procedures to be followed???

Dont put your identity to online.

Q: Do you do white hacking or secops as a living?

I do. But people i am dealing with will decide my hat color.

Q: Why did you upload the pictures without blurring/censoring them? Should that be your #1 responsibility as a white hat hacker to protect their identity? I believe that could lead to serious identity theft

I don’t have the time for blurring. And Responsibility was with Binance. You paid Binance money for protecting your data. Not me.

Q: Why choose binance and not huobi, kucoin or okex?

Who knows? Maybe they were paying commission to protect their people’s privacy.

Q: Do you think the leaked hacker gets user information through a security error? Will there be a second attack?


Q: As it is mandatory to verify account on exchanges…so how to be safe?

Maybe exchanges should cooperate with more white hackers. That’s exchange’s responsibility, not yours.

Q: Are MYETHERWALLET and TRUST WALLET secured or also prone to hack??

Hmm i will publish such info to my channel, but not now, later.

Q: Could you please clarify on what went wrong with the negotiation?

Binance kept trying to retrieve more information from me. And I provided enough to verify my info. But they didn’t pay single penny. Deal is give and take. Only giving without taking has no meaning

Q: Provide your channel link..where to reach??

Q: Entering and leaking system data, does that affect the surrounding transactions? Because I know that it is difficult to access Binance’s database, but they entered so is there a risk of having a hack 7k for the second time?

Binance internally fixed the bug already . But they still have to keep their eyes wide open . When they blink, coins will be gone

Q: What if you bought these kyc for less than 200 usd on dark net , empire market and now decide to blackmail plebs?

Find in darknet whether you can find it before i publish them.

Q: Are you not afraid that one day they might track and arrest you?

Maybe one day, possibly or not.

Q: Have u checked other exchanges?

Some are already cooperating with me.

Q: I will make a movie in your life ..please give me RIGHT.

That would be great but i am curious of main actor who will act for my role :)

Q: leonardo dicaprio

i am afraid whether he would agree on my role.

Q: So its exchange responsibility to protect and keep safe kyc details, but you decide to shaft innocent clients by publishing their real data for life? What kind of colour hat hacker is this? clown hacker?

I was white during negotiation, but they turned me black.

Q: Why did hackers choose Binace to spread rumors? Is Binace’s enemy?

Who knows?

Q: Do you think those data sets can fake? Because the cheater makes fake the data kyc set very easy? Is it just a cheap move to collect BNB before IEO?

hmmm wait for more uploads. I don’t have time for verifying single photo

Q: What was binance kyc provider? Was the vulnerability from them or on Binance side?

Haha Binance.

Q: Are you the only one working or you have other hackers working with you?


Q: So you hacked the data recently? Heard people told that it happened in Feb last year.

The dates of the picture is in assending order.

Q: What’s your view on btc and Crypto??

Blockchain and bTC is revolutionary. Only people who are money blinded are the enemy of blockchain.

Q: I am in your Telegram channel I safe??

Don’t answer anyone who impersonate themselves as me

Q: All data was hacked from 3rd party provider.

That’s what Binance said.

Q: Sir btc next target?

I don’t target BTC. :) I have enough of them.

Q: Who is the provider?

Ask Binance.

Q: What are the influences that Binace suffered when rumors were hacked?

Who knows.

Q: how many btc do you own lie.

hmm more than you expected

Q: Will you or did you try to do the same with other exchanges?


Q: Do you know the insider that built the api endpoint to release keys?

Don’t mention insider. he may be run away

Q: are you aware you could proof binance breaking us or EU sanctions through these IDs?

That’s Binance’s responsibility

Q: Hmmm..would u mind giving away here to this small community.

I don’t do give away. Srry

Q: So you do know their identity? Apparently Binance was not running internal code review checks on pill requests. Project manager is probably fired now.

I will ask Binance. But insider will not get caught.

Q: You answered my 6–7 questions ..I feel My gf is cheating on me..could I contact u for snooping on her mobile???

I don’t do such job :)

Q: Kyc hacks are pretty common but most people are unaware.

That’s right.

Q: Pinoy Sir?

Maybe or maybe not.

Q: Binance placed a “bounty” on you of up to 25 BTC, any statements about this one?

Increase it to 300! Then I will go to them to get my bounty.

Q: Can you not share my KYC since i am your friend.

I don’t have time for filtering :(

Q: AMA is over. Thanks for the time.

Thanks everyone. Happy Crypto-ing.

Disclaimer: This is not advertising or financial advice. Please Do Your Own Research. I’m not a financial adviser. Always do your own research and only invest solely based on your own findings.

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Cryptocurrency writer/CM

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Steven Jim

Steven Jim

Cryptocurrency writer/CM

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